You may need protection services, or you would love to put your mind to rest, with that niggle you have been suspicious of. Oakview Private investigations come in as a timely saviour. We are experienced specialists in the business of private and commercial inspection, provision of London bodyguard services and debt collector London. Each of our private investigators London, has the experience to help the residents and anyone who would need any of the services. We attend to residents and anyone in need of the services within the London area.


About Us

We are experts in the provision of private investigations services and personal protection services to organisations and individuals in London and the areas around it.

Unlike any other private investigators in London and surveillance companies, our staff are composed of non-service employees. We do not hire former police officers and military personnel. We work with the principle that the best skill is experience and not classroom theory. It has made each of our employees a good private detective in London.

Unlike most PI companies we are NOT ex police officers, ex forces, ex prison officers! In fact, we do not even employ staff from the above industries. We believe that the best has learned it the hard way, on the streets and not in a classroom.

We were not trained and told what to do, how to do it and what the rules are. We didn’t tear up the rule book, we didn’t read it in the first place. If you require great service, absolute confidentiality, 100% commitment and you need something done, ask, if we say we can deliver we will.

We are the go-to company if you need a London private investigator or team to accomplish a task for you with high levels of confidentiality.

Our Services

Cheating Wives

Legal advice

Security Advice

Evidence Gathering

Witness Search

Bug sweeping, Cars, Homes & Business

We Offer

Nothing is too big nor too small to seek help from a private investigator London. Whether it is worrying that your partner is cheating or a business partner is playing foul, to feeling vulnerable and in need of a London bodyguard, we are here to guide and assist. Below is a list of the services an Oakview Private Investigator in London would render;

Cheating Spouses

Over the years, we have met clients who are suspicious about their partner's faithfulness. While it is a difficult issue to talk about, we encourage them to talk to a private investigator who will put their minds at rest. At Oakview Private Investigations, we know that anyone is at the risk of being cheated on and may need a London private investigator. Our private investigator will carry out investigations in the most confidential way possible. We strive to get evidence of whether cheating is going on or not, without making you the client feel uneasy and embarrassed.


With state of the art equipment including high-quality video and audio recorders, Oakview can assist anyone who needs some level of private surveillance. Whether it is tracing a lost acquaintance or checking up on your employee activities, we are the people to approach. With clarity of what your needs are, we believe we are the best of surveillance companies as we carry our surveillance covertly to avoid misgiving. We never disclose our client's identity to anyone including; the law enforcement, who usually do.

Debugging Services

With our knowledge and expertise in surveillance we know that anyone is open to bugging. In case you are also suspicious, you can hire a private investigator who will know what to look for and where to look. Whether it be at residential properties, business offices or your car, be sure that our London private investigator will find the device used in surveilling you.

Defence Services

When it comes to court cases, we have tools and techniques we use to collect evidence crucial to proving our client's innocence or prove that to them wrong was done. Our private investigator in London will assist in finding evidence that the authorities may not have already found. We work alongside your lawyers or team to skillfully present the evidence and make your argument stronger.

Due Diligence

Getting into a contract or a business deal could be a delicate activity. Commonly, you will want to be sure that the deal you are going to accept is without complications and will look for a private detective in London. At Oakview, we believe that getting you facts will largely help you make an informed decision whether you are buying something or are getting into a business commitment. Our private investigator in London will collect information meant to shield you from risks. We check for registered bad debts, ownership credentials, reputational checks, address confirmation, audits and many more.

London Bodyguard Services

At Oakview Private investigations, we offer London bodyguard services by giving to the best qualified London bodyguard on offer. We believe if you feel threatened and are sure are in danger you will need bodyguard services. Our close protection services in London consist of well trained bodyguards who will go to all lengths to ensure your safety is maintained.

Debt Collection

We pride ourselves as one of the most effective, if not the most effective debt collection agency London. We operate differently to solicitors and any other local debt collection agency London since we do thorough research and think with an added dimension. We recover investments gone bad, deals gone bad and debtors unwilling to pay back. We, on occasions offer bodyguard services to any other debt collector London. Our fee is a small percentage of the debt recovery. Each of our staff in the field is a highly trained as a debt collector inLondon.

Vehicle Tracking

At Oakview Private investigations, we offer London bodyguard services by giving to the best qualified London bodyguard on offer. We believe if you feel threatened and are sure are in danger you will need bodyguard services. Our close protection services in London consist of well trained bodyguards who will go to all lengths to ensure your safety is maintained.

Corporate Investigations

Business carries a lot of risks and threats that are crucial to success. We will provide a highly skilled private investigator London with the knowledge of corporate functions. We look into data piracy, asset theft, financial irregularities, and fraud instances.

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Scam Alert

Don’t pay anyone for mobile hacking on voice, WhatsApp or texts until they can prove it by a simple test, give them your number and ask them to tell you the last message you sent or received, simple for them if they can do the job, they will not. We have heard from so many people that they had been duped, some of them for thousands! You have been warned!

Don’t waste your time with investigators that haven’t got a clue?

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Why us

  • All staff are highly trained and hold the relevant qualifications. We have the best in the industry working with us, for you
  • Discretion is guaranteed
  • We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Fixed Fee rates available
  • Local knowledge with London | Kent | Essex
  • All advice and quotes are given during a free consultation

Why Choose Us

High Levels of Confidentiality. The anonymity of whoever chooses us is our top priority when it comes to third parties. The private investigator London has no obligation of disclosing the information to anyone, including law enforcement.

Professional staff. Our employees are highly skilled and have been trained in the specific fields they operate. It ensures that the work done for you is of high quality and maintenance of privacy in the case you take up our London bodyguard services.

  • Familiarity of the Locality

    Our local knowledge and understanding of London and its environs has helped mix among the best private investigators in London, become the best debt collection agency in London, provide the best private surveillance in the area, and provide second-to-none close protection services.

  • Free consultation

    We do not charge a prospective client until they decide to give us the job. We give quotations and advice during the consultation.

  • Fixed price options

    We normally charge depending on the issue at hand and what the client wants us to do. However, we also offer fixed-fee rates in some instances. One of these being in the case you hire the services of a debt collector, we would agree a small percentage of the debt recovery London.

  • Sufficient communication

    Our clients satisfaction is our driving force. We ensure that they are part of the whole process by frequent updates on the progress of our work. We are also available at any time of the day and night all through the week.

  • Commitment

    Each private investigator in London focuses on the task at hand. It ensures that they are not distracted by any other job.