Criminal Defence service

Do you feel you’ve done nothing wrong!

Then you’ve got nothing to worry about!

Ourselves we work alongside solicitors to present your case in court Creating the strength for your case depends on the work which is focused by a dedicated team or criminal investigators who commit to finding the evidence that you deserve and will rely on.

There are two skills when seeking evidence

First is to obtain the evidence,

Second is all about presenting the evidence which is the skill found with our private detective

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We always hear such stories or our clients where they feel the pressure of the system stacked against them. Our calculated strategies which will be discussed by both parties i.e. your solicitor & our team to assure you with peace of mind that you have the defence that you deserve & require. Remember! Our legal system doesn’t hold such stress & emotion as yourself who carries through our justice system at such times. This is why we here at Oakview Private Investigations Services walk alongside you in-conjunction with your solicitor when he/she represents you. We are here to fight for your justice & innocence!