Due Diligence

Due diligence is the most important first step into buying a business, which is the process of evaluating a business from all aspects before you decide on a more permanent purchase.

Due diligence is not a general investigation.Businesses often perform due diligence when buying a business, because there can be a lot of hidden agendas to the purchaser. By not operating out the act of a due diligence can leave yourself as an individual & business at a risk of unwanted harm.


Here at Oakview Private Investigations Services We recognise to deliver you the facts, that allows people a clearer decision, which will lead you towards a better business to promote your minimal stress when buying a company. We here at blue eyed P.I stand high & proud along with our highly skilled accountants, who will deliver you the highest of due diligence one can perform to create the confidence to our clients for peace of mind when entering new commitments

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Local, internal enquiries

May reveal registered bad debts in a company

Ownership enquiries of property

Verification of addresses

Overview of marketing audits

Carrying out general reputational enquiries

Thorough examination of business plan (B.P)

Location of hidden assets

Personal - Educational & Professional history

Due diligence is the research process every being should conduct when purchasing a new business plan, basically a due diligence is the research you do to make sure that what you buy is - what your buying